Selling to the Government (May 2024)

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This session was recorded on May 14th, 2024

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Four panelists in the hot seat with other federal experts are going to discuss how you can get your company ready, positioned, and funded for federal contracts in FY2024.

In this session, we will address how most contracts are "shortlisted", how 75% had ZERO competition in FY2023, and how you can get positioned for those shortlisted or sole source contracts.

Learn how you can look like you belong, monitor your competition, build relationships with federal decision-makers, and establish your company as the go-to resource in your space.

The feds are going to spend hundreds of billions in FY2024!

Want to win federal contracts? Great! That is what this free webinar session is all about... Did you know...

  • 98% of opportunities NEVER hit!
  • 76 % of ALL contracts have less than 5 respondents!

This tells you that relationships matter!

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Join every second Tuesday and meet a team of federal experts with success in selling billions to federal agencies. So how do you crack the federal contracting code? You have got to know about opportunities BEFORE they hit the street and proactive marketing is critical to your federal success... You need to get your company in front of decision makers before they start making decisions for specifications and requirements. Join us and learn how you can...

  1. Find buyers for what you sell.
  2. Get in front of those buyers.
  3. Get referrals to program people that define specs
  4. Build relationships.
  5. Get your company shortlisted for 2024 and... WIN MORE FEDERAL BUSINESS!

Learn from the experts who have proven track records of bidding and winning Billions in federal sales!


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Brian Hebbel


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Dr. Rafael Marrero

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