On Demand Briefings

Bid and Award Protests - September 2023

This briefing will explain the basics of a bid protest: who can file, when to file, and where to file; the pros/cons of each forum (agency, with the GAO, or in court); and will cover considerations that should be made prior to filing.


Win Last Minute RFPs - September 2023

This briefing will discuss strategies and tactics used by experienced proposal writers to obtain significant federal sales in September to last minute RFPs.


FPDS.gov Fundamentals Tutorial - September 2023

While FPDS.gov is a powerful tool, especially for those interested in federal contracting, it is antiquated and can be cumbersome to use. This training session will show you practical methods to quickly get to the critical information you need to compete in your federal market and provide real-time interaction with attendees.


Win Sole Source Federal Contracts (not just 8a)

This briefing Win Last Minute Sole Source will review how to identify, request, and respond to sole-source opportunities.


SAM.gov Opportunity Tutorial - Sep 2023 - OD

This is a wonderful opportunity whether you want to do business with or increase your business with the federal government.


Win Last Minute Contracts: Year-End RFPs

Learn how you can monitor the spike in solicitations, dissect the requirements and develop a high-scoring response so you can beat incumbents who are complacent or non-responsive.


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