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December 7, 2023

1 PM | EDT Fundamentals

1 PM | EST - Dave Lowe

This training session will show you practical methods to quickly get to the critical information you need to compete in your federal market and provide real-time interaction with attendees. With the right knowledge in hand, you and your company can gain an edge over your competition. Not to mention, this training session offers the unique opportunity to find subcontracting and teaming opportunities as well.



December 8, 2023

11 AM | EDT

CPARS Training including Best Practices to Maximize Your Ratings

11 AM | EST - Brian Hebbel & Rod Benson

VIRTUAL CPARS TRAINING WITH FORMER FEDERAL OFFICIALS...Rod Benson and Brian Hebbel We train both Gov’t and Industry how to perform CPARS evaluations



December 12, 2023

1 PM | EDT Opportunity Tutorial

1 PM | EST - Dave Lowe is the primary location federal buyers use for posting new and re-competed opportunities as well as RFI (Request for Information), Sources Sought, and other notifications that can be very useful for engaging federal buyers. Being able to leverage this information is critical so your company can gain a competitive edge by engaging federal buyers, and finding sub-contracting and teaming opportunities that will help you grow your federal business.



December 14, 2023

1 PM | EDT

Providing Custom Manufacturing and R&D Innovation to DLA

1 PM | EST - Kevie Hendrix

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) has an urgent need for ALL manufacturing to support the global DoD supply chain as it provides acquisition support for all military commands including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Space Force, Coast Guard, 11 combatant commands, other federal agencies, as well as partner and allied nations. DLA provides the vast majority (86%) of the military’s spare parts and nearly 100 percent troop support consumables, through its DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS) system.

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How to Win Last-Minute Government Contracts with Capabilities Marketing - Aug 2023

Federal agencies are obliged to spend billions on goods and services from registered and credible businesses, this is the perfect opportunity to sharpen your marketing tools to stand out on government portals like SAM.GOV and DSBS. Take advantage of the summer's "spend it or lose it" period, aiming for a sole source award with no competition.


Socioeconomic Certifications - Sep 2023

Certifications are a way for the government to give you their seal of approval after a thorough review of you and your company. This not only helps you win more contracts, but also gives your company credibility with the government and your private sector clients.


Bid and Award Protests - Sep 2023

This briefing will explain the basics of a bid protest: who can file, when to file, and where to file; the pros/cons of each forum (agency, with the GAO, or in court); and will cover considerations that should be made prior to filing.


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