Marketing to the Federal Government: Best Practices for Vendors

On Demand Briefing


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This session was recorded on August 3rd, 2023


Are you ready to expand your business into the lucrative federal market?

In FY2023, the federal government's total budget is $5.8 trillion with $1.7 trillion to be spent on contracts with vendors like you. This is important because over $900 billion is still available to spend - and they have to spend it by September 30th (the end of the Federal Fiscal year). With $900 billion left to spend, this is the perfect time to develop a strategy for winning in the year-end stretch. With the right knowledge and approach, your company can gain an edge over your competition. 

In this 60-minute briefing, you will learn the building blocks to successfully market your products or services to the federal government. Our expert instructor, Dave Lowe, will help you gain insights into the federal market, the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), and emerging market trends. Additionally, the briefing will explore how to build relationships with key decision makers and why that is essential for success in the federal marketplace. Learn how to leverage existing contract vehicles and effectively market to buyers that need what you sell. 

This briefing is recommended for vendors who are new to the federal market, want to improve their marketing efforts, or are looking to increase their presence in the federal marketplace.


11:00 AM  –  Introduction

  • The federal government is a significant market 
  • Potential benefits and challenges 

11:10 AM  –  Understanding the Federal Government Market

  • Research and analysis
  • Understanding the Federal Acquisition Process

11:20 AM  –  Building Relationships

  • Networking and outreach
  • Leveraging Existing Contracts and Vehicles

11:30 AM  –  Marketing Strategies

  • Tailoring Your Message
  • Effective Marketing Channels

11:40 AM  –  Navigating the Procurement Process

  • Responding to Solicitations
  • Contract Management

11:50 AM   Questions & Answers

11:55 AM   Additional Resources


Dave Lowe photo
Dave Lowe