SAM.gov Opportunity Tutorial - May 2024

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This session was recorded on May 14th, 2024

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SAM.gov - or the System for Award Management (SAM) - is the official website by the US government designed to play a part in the following vendor processes:

  • Registration
  • Qualification
  • Verification
  • Awards

SAM.gov is the primary location federal buyers use for posting new and re-competed opportunities as well as RFIs (Requests for Information), Sources Sought, and other notifications that can be very useful for engaging federal buyers.

Being able to leverage this information is critical so your company can gain a competitive edge by engaging federal buyers and finding sub-contracting and teaming opportunities that will help you grow your federal business.

While SAM.gov is where federal buyers review your registration and validate your company for federal business, SAM.gov coupled with FPDS.gov provides a complete picture of the competitive landscape and proper research will provide you with buyers that you need to engage with in your space. Since SAM.gov is reported as one of the most frustrating platforms for federal contractors to use, this session will help you maximize your use of SAM.gov as well as other government systems.

Recommended attending personnel:

This is a wonderful opportunity whether you want to do business with or increase your business with the federal government.


1:00 PM Topical Overview: SAM.gov Engaging Federal Buyers

- What is SAM.gov?

- How federal buyers use SAM.gov?

- How can you identify buyers in your market?

1:05 PM isiFederal Overview

1:10 PM SAM.gov Quick Review

- What your registration says about your company

- Using the new UEI

- Choosing the proper codes

1:15 PM Understanding Federal Buyers

- What buyers care about

- How buyers use SAM.gov

- What buyers need from you

- Developing your buyer pitch

1:30 PM Finding Buyers in Your Market

- What is available on SAM.gov

- Using FPDS.gov to augment SAM.gov

- Prioritizing your buyer contacts

1:50 PM Engaging the buyer

- Hitting their buyer motive

- Piquing their interest

2:15 PM Questions & Answers

2:30 PM Additional Resources


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Dave Lowe