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Dr. Rafael Marrero

Rafael Marrero & Company

Founder and CEO

Dr. Rafael Marrero is the founder and CEO of Rafael Marrero & Company and he has vetted, registered, managed, and certified thousands of SBA small business concerns in the government sector. With 35 years of experience in his industry and a graduate of Stanford and Cornell Universities, he is a leading national expert in private and public sector procurement, supply chain, small business contracting programs, project/program and vendor management, contractor marketing, and strategic communications. Dr. Marrero is a nationally recognized authority in his industry. His proven track record as a subcontractor management expert is evident from his role as a corporate vice president for MasTec (NYSE: MTZ), a Fortune 500 company specializing in telecommunications, energy, and construction. He successfully managed a network of over 700 subcontractors and suppliers nationwide, representing projects worth $1.5 Billion for the $13 billion company. Dr. Marrero's unique insights have also earned him prominence as a bestselling author. He is the mind behind two Amazon bestsellers, including "La salsa secreta del Tío Sam," the pioneering Spanish-language guide to government contracting and entrepreneurship in the federal sector. Beyond the printed page, Dr. Marrero has established himself as a go-to media pundit in network media. Through his extensive career, Dr. Marrero also served with distinction as Latin America program manager for By Light Professional IT Services, a key player in project management for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

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Live Briefings



May 30, 2024

1 PM | EDT

SBA Certifications

1 PM | EST - Dr. Rafael Marrero

This briefing will provide a foundational understanding of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) certification programs and benefits for disadvantaged business owners, including increased access to government contracts and valuable business development resources.

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Recorded Webinars


How to Win Last-Minute Government Contracts with Capabilities Marketing - Aug 2023

Federal agencies are obliged to spend billions on goods and services from registered and credible businesses, this is the perfect opportunity to sharpen your marketing tools to stand out on government portals like SAM.GOV and DSBS. Take advantage of the summer's "spend it or lose it" period, aiming for a sole source award with no competition.


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Socioeconomic Certifications

Every year, the government is federally required to do business with a certain percentage of each class of disadvantaged businesses. In order to facilitate this, Socioeconomic Certifications were born. Each certification comes with its own benefits and set-aside contracts that are not available to non-certified firms. These programs help historically disadvantaged small businesses succeed in the government marketplace and compete with larger, more established firms.


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SBA DSBS Tutorial - MAR 2024

This briefing will also provide insights on how DSBS can be used to compile competitive research, identify teaming partners, and find federal program managers who don’t show up anywhere except on the SBA DSBS. Learn how to leverage DSBS so you can win more direct federal contracts as well as subcontract opportunities.


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