How to Win Last-Minute Government Contracts with Capabilities Marketing - Aug 2023

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This session was recorded on August 15th, 2023

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Get ahead in the government procurement process by leveraging your company's assets with our webinar, "How to Win Last-Minute Government Contracts with Capabilities Marketing." Gain insights from Dr. Rafael Marrero, an award-winning B2G industry expert with 35 years of experience, renowned for transforming small businesses into key federal contract suppliers.

Federal agencies are obliged to spend billions on goods and services from registered and credible businesses, this is the perfect opportunity to sharpen your marketing tools to stand out on government portals like SAM.GOV and DSBS. Take advantage of the summer's "spend it or lose it" period, aiming for a sole source award with no competition.

Recommended attending personnel:

Recommended attendees for this briefing include:

  • Small Business Owners
  • Federal Sales
  • Business Development
  • Proposal Writers
  • Contract Managers

This briefing is excellent for beginners or seasoned business development professionals that increase your business with the federal government.


1:00 PM   Topical Overview

  • What is B2G Capabilities Marketing?
  • Benefits of B2G Capabilities Marketing
  • Capabilities Marketing Framework

1:10 PM   Pre-Capabilities Marketing Groundwork

  • Make a good impression on buyers and teammates!
  • Update your seven key capabilities marketing assets
  • Passive Capabilities Marketing Strategy: Be Found Easily!
  • Active Capabilities Marketing Strategy: Pass the “Procurement readiness” sniff test

1:25 PM   Developing your Capabilities Marketing Assets

  • Capabilities Marketing Overview
  • The Six C’s of Capabilities Marketing
  • The Role of SAM.GOV + DSBS in Capabilities Marketing
  • Making Your Capabilities Marketing Assets Pop!
  • Staying relevant: What to Say, How to Say it, and Cadence

1:45 PM   Questions and Answers

1:50 PM   Additional Resources

  • Full Scope B2G Creative Services
  • Strategic Communications + Content
  • Consulting Services

2:00 PM   Closing Remarks


Dr. Rafael Marrero photo
Dr. Rafael Marrero

Rafael Marrero & Company

Founder and CEO