Unsolicited Proposals to Federal Agencies – Mar 2023


March 30, 2023


1:00 PM EST


Online (Zoom Webinar)

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Briefing Overview

Unsolicited Proposals to Federal Agencies

Unsolicited proposals allow federal agencies to receive a proposal and contract directly with vendors without a formal solicitation or request for proposal (RFP).The best part of the process for businesses the result is a ZERO competition sole source award that you developed.

The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) provides this procurement method so that the government can benefit from the knowledge and concepts of the private sector to find innovative ideas, new technology, overcome challenges, and assess the effectiveness of different methodologies that can help meet agency mission.

Some agencies have dedicated staff to assist with the unsolicited proposal process and are actively working on unsolicited proposals for innovative products, technology, or management approach and to address a specific agency need before a formal requirement is developed.

Recommended Attendees

  • Senior vendor leadership
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Chief technology officers
  • Business development
  • Proposal writers
  • Contract managers
  • Contract officers

Briefing Agenda

1:00 PM     Topical Overview

  • What is an unsolicited proposal?
  • Benefits of unsolicited proposals
  • Unsolicited Proposal Framework

1:05 PM     Pre-Proposal Groundwork

  • Identifying Agency Need
  • Preparing Agency Stakeholders
  • Obtaining Funding

1:25 PM     Developing an Unsolicited Proposal

  • Unsolicited Proposal Overview
  • Basic Information
  • Technical Proposal
  • Supporting Information
  • Mitigating Government Risk
  • Making Your Proposal Pop

1:45 PM     Q & A

1:50 PM     Additional Resources

  • Proposal Development & Review
  • Developing Opportunities
  • Consulting

1:55 PM     Closing Remarks

About the Speaker

Gregg Clarke and the DKA Team have helped hundreds of customers win federal contracts by providing proposal development, review, and submission services. To date, DKA has helped our clients win a combined $2 billion, and DKA has helped more than 400 companies get on the GSA Schedule and maintain their Schedule contracts.

David Lowe helps organizations thrive and grow their federal business by doing the right things, the right way, at the right time. Since 2009, the isiFederal team has helped clients win more than $510M in direct and indirect federal sales. David is known for his dynamic presentations as he facilitates breaking down the federal marketing process into manageable, measurable steps and implementing a proactive strategy to get companies in front of federal buyers and other stakeholders. isiFederal provides best-in-class agency intelligence, federal marketing, and federal sales support for clients around the world.

isiFederal’s tools and marketing methods provide your business development team with best-in-class processes that accelerate the sales process and help you build quality relationships that lead to contracts.


Gregg Clarke
Gregg Clarke
Director of Business Development
Dave Lowe
Dave Lowe
isiFederal LLC
Founder & CEO
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