Doing Business with FEMA

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FEMA Quick Reference Sheet

Winnable Opportunity Matrix

FEMA Disaster Relief Fund Report

COVID Task Force with Regional FEMA Contacts

FEMA Strategic Plan 2018-2022

VA Procurement Readiness

DHS Forecast August 2021

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10AM & 2PM Eastern


Meeting ID: 828 1144 9179 Passcode: 859256

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1:00 PM   Topical Overview:

  • Who is FEMA
  • FEMA Spending
  • FEMA Operations

1:05 PM   Introductions & Briefing Controls

1:10 PM   FAR 18.000 Authorities for Emergency & Disaster Acquisition

1:15 PM   FEMA Mission & Organizational Structure

1:25 PM   FEMA Emergency and Recovery Support Functions

1:30 PM   Questions & Answers

1:35 PM   Registering Your Company with FEMA

1:40 PM   Other Disaster Recovery Support Agencies

1:45 PM   Marketing Your Company to FEMA

1:55 PM   Questions & Answers

2:00 PM   Additional Resources

Meet the Speaker

Dave Lowe

Dave Lowe


isiFederal LLC.

David helps organizations thrive and grow their federal business by doing the right things, the right way, at the right time. Since 2009, the isiFederal team has helped clients win more than $480M in direct and indirect federal sales. David facilitates breaking down the federal marketing process into manageable, measurable steps and implementing a proactive strategy to get companies in front of federal buyers and other stakeholders. isiFederal provides best in class agency intelligence, federal marketing, and federal sales support for clients around the world.

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