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Briefing Overview

Federal agencies are required to award government contracts in accordance with numerous acquisition laws and regulations. This briefing will explain the basics of a bid protest: who can file, when to file, and where to file; the pros/cons of each forum (agency, with the GAO, or in court); and considerations that should be made prior to filing. If a party interested in a government contract believes that an agency has violated procurement law or regulation in a solicitation for goods or services, or in the award of a contract, it may file a bid protest.

Recommended attendees for this briefing include senior vendor leadership, business development, proposal writers, contract managers, contract officers.


Topical Overview

  • What is a Bid/Award Protest?
  • Who can file a protest?
  • Why Protest?

11:00 Welcome and Introductions

11:05 Protest Regulations

11:10 Protesting Fundamentals

  • Pre-Award
  • Post-Award
  • Filing Process
  • Response Process & Timeline
  • Possible Outcomes

11:20 Protest Progress

  • Protest Arguments
  • Corrective Actions
  • Appeals

11:30 Pros & Cons

11:40 Protest Considerations

11:50 Q&A

11:55 Final Remarks & Additional Resources

Meet the Speakers

Jason Moy

Senior Associate

Federal Practice Group

As a government contract attorney, Mr. Moy handles all aspects of government contract matters to include: solicitation reviews, bid protests before the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the Court of Federal Claims, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, prime/subcontractor disputes, terminations, constructive change claims, equitable adjustments, cost accounting, multiple award schedule contracts, suspension and debarment proceedings, mandatory disclosures, alternative dispute resolution, and other issues under the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Contract Disputes Act (CDA). In his complex litigation role, he represents businesses of all sizes in all matters of litigation, business formation, contract disputes, and mediation. Mr. Moy has a current TS/SCI security clearance.


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Company Name: Federal Practice Group




Dave Lowe


isiFederal LLC

David helps organizations thrive and grow their federal business by doing the right things, the right way, at the right time. Since 2009, the isiFederal team has helped clients win more than $480M in direct and indirect federal sales. David facilitates breaking down the federal marketing process into manageable, measurable steps and implementing a proactive strategy to get companies in front of federal buyers and other stakeholders. isiFederal provides best in class agency intelligence, federal marketing and federal sales support for clients around the world.


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