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Saving Your GSA Schedule from Cancellation

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February 14, 2019 @ 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST

GSA sends under-performing contract holders cancellation letters informing you that our GSA contract is subject to cancellation if sales levels are not met. GSA requires $25,000 in minimum sales within the first 24 months and $25,000 in sales in each 12-month period thereafter. This briefing will assist struggling GSA schedule holders obtain an extension, develop a proactive marketing plan, develop new opportunities and win business using their GSA schedule.

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Briefing Agenda

  • 11:00 AM EST  Topical Overview

    • GSA Sales Requirements
    • GSA Warning Letters
    • What GSA needs to see from you
    • Making your GSA schedule work
  • 11:05 AM EST  Introductions & Briefing Controls

  • 11:10 AM EST GSA Requirements

  • 11:15 AM EST  Developing your case for extension

    • Creating your response letter
    • Supporting documents
  • 11:20 AM EST  Saving Your Schedule

    • Developing a Quality Capabilities Statement
    • Your Key Differentiators
    • Finding Opportunities
    • Developing a Successful Marketing Approach
  • 11:35 AM EST  Q & A

  • 11:45 AM EST  The $1.2 Trillion 2019 Federal Market

    • Finding Federal Buyers with Authority to Buy
    • Marketing Direct to GSAadvantage
    • Marketing to P-Card Holders
  • 11:55 AM EST  Closing Remarks


Dave Lowe
Dave LoweCEO isiFederal LLC.
Established in 2009, isiFederal’s mission is to provide marketing, representation and federal sales support to small and medium businesses looking to grow their federal business. Strategically located within the DC/MD/VA corridor, isiFederal’s exceptional team of federal sales experts along with its building block approach provides companies with the knowledgeable resources they need to understand, manage and effectively grow their federal business.