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Interagency Briefing – OSaaS – Office Space as a Service (November 28th, 2018 11AM EST)

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Hosted by: Metroffice
Date: November 28, 2018
Time: 11AM EST
Fee: No Charge
Access: Online / Conference
This interagency briefing is scheduled for 40 minutes maximum to address utilizing new OSaaS – (Office Space as a Service) models for short term lease, swing space and for non-traditional real estate office leasing requirements.  This briefing will review successful models with FEMA and VA where OSaaS was implemented to meet agency needs for scaling of personnel, temporary space for renovations and requirements for reducing time to occupancy by 62%-75% compared to typical leasing models. Discussions will include cost benefit analysis of standard and OSaaS models to help agencies know when OSaaS models make sense.

New OSaaS models can be utilized with rea estate lease included or as a separate services contract that includes all operational components of facilities management and FF&E. OSaaS is highly flexible and customizable for specific agency functions and personnel needs and provides ease of use of one contract to manage.  In addition to its flexibility, OSaaS is considered for its effectiveness meeting initiatives in Real Estate Footprint Reduction as well as its impact on hiring and retention of federal employees.

This briefing is recommended for federal leasing program managers, contracting officers and leasing support personnel.

Important: This briefing uses online CITRIX based communication connection via your network. Please contact your agency’s IT group for access protocol. This briefing will be accessible via phone if you are unable to connect. Instructions will be provided upon registration.

About the speakers:
Jamie Jackson – Senior Federal Advisor – Metroffice. Mr. Jackson has been instrumental in developing OSaaS models to meet federal office space needs. Mr. Jackson has effectively established and implemented OSaaS models in FEMA and VA to meet flexible occupancy requirements of less than 90 days, short term leasing requirements (less than 5 years), and turn-key scalable by seat and turn-key FF&E with IT and connectivity. Mr. Jackson was responsible for facilitating the OSaaS model featured in a FEMA whitepaper “RESHAPING HOW FEMA WORKS EXPLORING WORKPLACE ALTERNATIVES NEW JERSEY SANDY RECOVERY OFFICE March 17, 2016”
Topical Overview

·        What is Office Space as a Service (OSaaS)?

·        Challenges with Non-Traditional Leasing Requirements

·        Time to Occupancy

Metroffice Overview- 5 Minutes  
Initiatives and Requirements

–         Executive Order – Efficient Federal Operations


OSaaS Model Review  – 5 Minutes

–         FEMA OSaaS Model

–         VA OSaaS Model

–         Meeting GSA Reps and Certs

–         Cost Comparison

–         Approval Process

Questions & Answers – 5 minutes  
Procurement Options – 5 Minutes  
Closing Remarks  
Presenter contact information