Doing Business with FEMA — (May 2018) Videos and Materials

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  • Doing Business with FEMA – May 2018 Video
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  • Doing Business with FEMA – May 2018 Video

This Industry Briefing addresses the registration process and market approach for companies interested in doing business with FEMA. During national emergencies, standard procurement processes are waived as FEMA turns to pre-registered, pre-qualified vendors for support.  With nearly $90 Billion allocated to disaster relief and recovery through fiscal year 2019, FEMA has an unprecedented need for qualified contractors in support of FEMA’s recovery mission. FEMA currently has disaster recovery efforts in California, Puerto Rico, Florida and many other states.

    1. Doing Business with FEMA – Presentation
    2. Doing Business with FEMA – Q & A
    3. Doing Business with FEMA (Documents)
    1. Doing Business with FEMA – Quick Reference Sheet
    2. Quick Start Disaster Response Registry
    3. Industry Liaison Program Vendor Profile
    4. Winnable Opportunity Matrix – FEMA
    1. MWEOC Fact sheet
    2. Privacy Impact Assessment -FEMA
  • FEMA Business Development Workgroup (Free sign-up)