Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is the GovBrief Process?

GovBrief makes it easy for you to reach key decision-makers and stakeholders in government and industry. We accomplish this by establishing you as a subject matter expert with in your field of expertise. We will research the government initiatives that apply to your industry and help you connect three key points that you want your audience as takeaways.

Key Steps

  • Agenda Creation
  • Briefing Scheduled
  • Briefing Invitations sent
  • Personal invitations sent
  • Personal phone
  • Invitations made
  • Initiatives and Regulation
  • Research
  • Presentation Assistance
  • Professionally Hosted Briefing
  • Q&A
  • Recap sent
  • Personal Recap sent
  • Follow-up calls and
  • Meetings Scheduling

Your key takeaways are incorporated in an agenda that is sent to invitees. Using email and phone call follow ups, we encourage interested parties to register for your briefing. During the briefing we ask people questions to determine what the stakeholders need from you.

Following the briefing we send out the briefing recap information to all interested parties and schedule face-to-face and follow up phone meetings to address specific needs and requirements.

Who will host my briefing?

Your briefing session will be hosted by a professional that understands how to interview. Similar to a newscast, your post will be provided with questions that you like to answer.

How do I find the right people to invite?

GovBrief teams with isiFederal to find the people most important to you. Using proprietary Market Essentials research GovBrief connects government decision makers with industry experts and government buyers responsible for filling contractual requirements.

Can I use my own presentation?

That depends. The GovBrief process is designed as an educational platform not a sales platform. The objective is to use industry best practices or new technologies as the foundation of your presentation. Using this methodology you are bringing important information to the key stakeholders. Your company and contact information will be in the presentation so you will get the credit for bringing that knowledge and be remembered when they make a decision based on your technology or best practices.

What is the cost for my briefing?

Government sponsored briefings are free. We handle all of the logistics and you bring the message. Click here if you are with a government agency to get your briefing scheduled.

For industry, you can sponsor a government briefing (just like you sponsor a government trade show) or you can host your own briefing to get your message to government decision makers and/or prime contractors that serve the government market.  Click here if you are with industry to get you briefing scheduled.

Do you record the briefings?

Yes we do! We also edit the final video to make it look like a video presentation with moving graphics, titles and contact information… Kind of like this: Your briefing will be updated to GovBrief and YouTube for future use and included in your follow-up email campaign.

Does the briefing I attend count towards CE Credits?

All briefing attendees can request a certificate of attendance along with the subject matter for supervisor approval.

Is an official government site?

GovBrief is made available to and used by government but is not an “official” government site. GovBrief is a subsidiary of isiFederal LLC.

Who creates the presentation?

Your briefing session will be hosted by a professional that understands how to interview. Similar to a newscast, your post will be provided with questions that you like to answer.

Can I use my own email lists?

Yes when two conditions are met. First they have to be business contacts not consumer emails. Second, they have to be valid prospects that you have contacted or requested information from you.

What is the lead time?

Minimum lead-time for your first briefing is 30 days. It takes about three weeks to do the research for your contacts, and create your briefing agenda and invites. Once you have conducted a briefing and we know who your audience is, we can create briefings with invites in as little as two weeks. Urgent briefings can be scheduled in shorter notice with approval.

What do I need to be a panelist for my briefing?

First, you need to know what you are talking about. Then, in most cases you have what you need in your laptop or even smart phone. You need to have a computer with a webcam, a decent microphone and a good Internet connection with at least 1.7Mbps. Click here to check your speed

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