Getting Ahead of RFP's

Date(s) - October 9, 2018, 11:00 am
11:00 am - 11:45 am

Despite the illusion of competition, at the end of the day the RFP process is an exclusionary process and you want to be the winner! This session will discuss best practices for writing responses that win.

There are 2.5 Million contracts executed every year and only 175,000 or so hit FBO and less than 10% of government spending goes through GSA – Where are the rest?

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Are incumbents working on contracts while you are on the outside looking in and reacting to FBO? The fact is, by the time opportunities hit FBO it is too late – you need to get ahead of the curve! This series provides a proactive approach that businesses can use to identify WINNABLE opportunities. By changing the focus from opportunities to the people behind the opportunity, we can effectively inject ourselves into the conversation and disrupt the current pattern of competitor’s winning.

Discover how the federal government works, who makes the decisions for buying what you sell and how you can get a piece of the $500+ Billion federal market. Hosted by isiFederal CEO Dave Lowe with insight from industry professionals from various fields, each webinar will include special guests and panelists with federal business development experience to provide you with whether you should get in or stay out.

Session Topics:
– Identify Your Market
– Who Buys what You Sell?
– Developing Relationships – the KEY to Federal Sales

GSA Schedules

– What GSA schedule is best for you
– How can you maximize your profit
– How to optimize your GSA schedule for GSAadvantage
– Leveraging your capabilities with teaming partners

– Identifying Winnable Opportunities
– Assessing the Competitive Landscape
– Priming, Teaming & Partnering

– Proposal Writing Tips
– Proposal Management Process
– Red Teams & Proposal Quality Validation

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