Doing Business with FEMA

Date(s) - November 7, 2018, 11:00 am
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Scheduled for 60 minutes maximum, this Industry Briefing is designed to address the registration process and market approach for companies interested in doing business with FEMA. During national emergencies, standard procurement processes are waived as FEMA turns to pre-registered, pre-qualified vendors for support.  With nearly $90 Billion allocated to disaster relief and recovery through fiscal year 2019, FEMA has an unprecedented need for qualified contractors in support of FEMA’s recovery mission.   FEMA currently has disaster recovery efforts in California, Puerto Rico, Florida and many other states, businesses that can provide emergency products and services are encouraged to attend. Session Materials will be provided.

11:00 Topical Overview
• Who is FEMA
• FEMA Spending
• FEMA Operations
11:05 isiFederal Overview- 5 Minutes
11:10 FAR 18.000 Authorities for Emergency & Disaster Acquisition
11:15 FEMA Mission & Organizational Structure
11:25 FEMA Emergency and Recovery Support Functions
11:30 Questions & Answers – 5 minutes
11:35 Registering Your Company with FEMA
11:40 Other Disaster Recovery Support Agencies
11:45 Marketing Your Company to FEMA
11:50 Questions & Answers – 5 minutes
11:55 Additional Resources

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