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Sole-Source Contract Justification & Approvals (J&A)

NOTE: This session was recorded on May 25th 2023.

This recorded session includes the session video, handouts, presentation and links to the Monday Roundtables. This Package is valid for 30 days.

Briefing Overview

The government allows under FAR Part 6.3 for “contracting without providing for full and open competition” and provides authority to the contracting officer to award a sole source contract! This means your company may be able to use a J&A to effectively eliminate the competition for products, patented processes, construction, innovative technology, real estate leasing, BAA compliance, and more. Contracting officers can use J&A for up to $750,000 (simplified acquisition) and up to $75 Million with GS-15 or $100 Million with Senior Procurement Executive (ASAALT) approval.

Unlike a socio-economic sole source (8a, WOSB, SDVOSB) procurement professionals often use J&As with any size company including large manufacturers of OEM products. Since 38% of ALL federal contract awards show a SINGLE response your company may qualify for sole source awards.

Recommended attendees for this briefing include 8A, WOSB, SDVOSB/VOSM, HUBZone, and companies with proprietary technology or processes. Large companies and small businesses that don’t have socio-economic certifications that are interested in winning through teaming and partnering.

Briefing Agenda

11:00 AM Topical Overview

  • What is a J&A
  • How J&As work
  • Why Buyers Use J&As

11:05 AM isiFederal Overview

11:10 AM J&A Overview

  • Types of J&As
  • Contracting Act of 1984
  • Qualifying for a J&A
  • 7 Exceptions

11:25 AM J&A Approval Levels

  • No Approval Needed
  • Simplified Acquisition (up to $750K)
  • Large Contract Approval

11:45 AM Sample J&As

  • Product
  • Service
  • Lease

11:55 AM Supporting the Contracting Officer

12:10 PM Using J&A to Support Your Marketing

12:20 PM Questions & Answers

12:30 PM Additional Resources

Briefing Speakers

Dave Lowe

Dave Lowe | Founder & CEO | isiFederal LLC

Dave Lowe helps organizations thrive and grow their federal business by doing the right things, the right way, at the right time. Since 2009, the isiFederal team has helped clients win more than $510M in direct and indirect federal sales. David facilitates breaking down the federal marketing process into manageable, measurable steps and implementing a proactive strategy to proactively build companies’ value to federal buyers and other stakeholders. isiFederal provides best-in-class buyer intelligence, federal marketing, and federal sales support for clients around the world.

Sole Source Session Video Sole Source Session Handouts Sole Source Session Follow-up Monday Roundtables

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