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Leveraging Congress for Bids and Contract

NOTE: This session was recorded on February 8th 2023.

This recorded session includes the session video, handouts, presentation and links to the Monday Roundtables. This Package is valid for 30 days.

Briefing Overview

Did you know US Senators and Members of Congress have special phone numbers for each federal agency that they and their staff can call to provide support and get updates on their constituents’ business within that agency?

Called “constituent service,” this is their most important duty and as the new congress begins, they are looking to help businesses just like you – so they have a success story to share!

In this training, you will learn:

  • how to identify your congressional delegation
  • about the importance and function of different staff members
  • who you can ask
  • how you can ask
  • what you can ask your US Representatives and Senators

We discuss what you can expect from elected officials and determine what issues you face as a federal contractor, along with what are the key ways that Congressional offices can help.

In preparation for this class, make sure to click the link below to look up the member of Congress representing your home address (that determines where you vote) and your business address(es) (that determines where you pay taxes and invest in the community): 

You should also take a look at your Senators:

Recommended attendees for this briefing include senior vendor leadership, business development, proposal writers, contract managers, and contract officers.

Briefing Agenda

1:00 PM Topical Overview: New Congress is In – Now What?

1:05 PM Welcome and Introductions

1:10 PM Finding Your Senators and Representatives

1:20 PM Building a Relationship

  • What a Congressional office can do.
  • What a Congressional office cannot do.

1:30 PM Key Ways Congressional Offices Can Help

  • Pre-Bid: Associations, Alerts, and Advice
  • Post-Bid: Protests, Policies, and Promotions

1:45 PM Pros and Cons of Congressional Engagement

1:55 PM How can I Forge a Relationship + Actionable Steps

2:15 PM Q&A

2:25 PM Final Remarks & Additional Resources

Briefing Speaker

Juli Branson | Founder | Branson Ink

Juli Branson is a first class speech writer with  20+ years of experience in communications in federal, state, and local governmental agencies. Serving in the Executive Office of the President, Juli has handled communications for cabinet members (from both political parties) including the Secretary of Transportation Norm Mineta (D), two Secretaries of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (R) and Robert Gates (R), and the US Trade Representative Susan Schwab. During her service, Juli was detailed twice to the White House for crisis communications during the War on Terror. In addition to Executive Branch communications, she has extensive congressional experience for Texas Congressman Lamar Smith and Alaska Congressman Don Young. In 2012, Juli began working for government contractors to help them reach out and engage their elected officials obtaining assistance for federal contracts and grants.

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